Selling Your Old Tech

We’ve all done it at some stage. Sold some of our old tech to get some cash back on our initial purchase. Almost everyone knows that their phone, tablet and computer need to be factory reset and wiped before going to a new owner. But what about other items?

In the past 12 months, I have purchased two secondhand Fujifilm Instax SP-2 printers. Neither one was reset prior to me purchasing them. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? Wrong! The Instax printer range have a ‘Reprint’ button. This allows for the printer to reprint the previous image, without having a camera or phone connected. The first printer contained a photo of someone’s young child, the second printer had a cached photo of a flower.

Now, it all sounds relatively harmless, but stop and consider this for a second. What if it was an intimate photo of yourself or a loved one? What if it was a quick snap of some vital personal info. Would you really want that kind of thing getting around?

Fortunately, it’s easy to delete your old Instax image. Whilst the power is turned on, hold down the reprint button for 5 seconds. The film remaining indicator will flash, and the memory will be deleted. The other option is to factory reset the printer, by holding the reprint button whilst turning the printer on. This will also reset the WIFI password to the factory default, which is also handy if you have purchased a secondhand printer and someone has changed the password.

Whilst not a Fuji related item, I have had another concerning experience when purchasing secondhand tech several years ago. I found a well-priced Apple TV on Gumtree and went and collected it. I didn’t get around to connecting it to a TV until the next day, however when I did, we were greeted with full access to the previous owner’s photo stream and account. The photo stream was displaying pictures of his kids in the bath, holiday pics and more. I quickly rang the owner and advised what I had found, advised that he should change his passwords asap and that I had factory reset the Apple TV. I also offered to return the unit to him if he was concerned.

Please folks, whilst it is getting harder to keep control of your personal info and data, ensure that you are taking whatever steps you can to make sure that your old tech is wiped, and your personal data is removed prior to sale.

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