Review – Hanhel Pro Cube 2

A little while ago, I purchased a new Xpro3. I got it home, unpacked it, and was rather confused. There was no battery charger! A quick Google suggests that this trend is growing, the newer Sony A7 III does not come with a charger either. Surprised, I began to hunt for a battery charger. After all, charging multiple batteries via a USB cable into the camera wasn’t going to cut it.

Small and stylish

Enter the Hanhel Pro Cube 2!

This battery charger is excellent value and has a host of features and included accessories in the box. The Fujifilm NP-W126S compatible model comes with several trays, so you can use the same charger for Panasonic batteries. There are other trays available for other brands of batteries too. Also, in the box is a magnetic tray, so the charger can charge 4 x AA batteries. It’s worth noting that the charger cannot charge 2 AA batteries, it can only do 4 at a time.

Other items in the box are multiple AC adapter heads, ideal if you’re travelling. You also get a car charger cable, which I know is something I will get a fair bit of use out of.

The charging unit is a small cube, made of aluminium and coloured a very nice shade of blue. It feels very well made. There is a LCD screen on the front of the charger, which shows you current charge status of your camera batteries as well as a numerical mah readout. One thing to keep in mind, it does not show the percentage of charge in AA batteries. The LCD screen is animated during charging and then just displays a battery full icon when AA batteries are charged. There’s no indication of percentage.

It takes two, baby!

The charger boasts a charge time of 1.5 hours for a single NP-W126S or two hours for two batteries. There is a USB port on the back of the charger, so you can also charge your phone or connect a wireless charger if desired.

Overall, this appears to be an excellent product, and I can highly recommend it. It would be an excellent addition to anyone’s camera kit, regardless of if your camera came with a battery charger or not! There are other models available for most popular brands, including Sony, Canon and Nikon.

You can purchase additional battery trays direct from Hanhel for around 15 euros plus shipping and import duties.

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