My digital photographic journey started approximately 10 years ago. My life was going through a massive upheaval and I had booked myself some time away. The first DSLR that I had, a Canon 1000D twin lens kit, was a gift from my mum. She was determined that I was going to enjoy my time away in Walpole, W.A. and insisted in purchasing the camera for me. It was a standard APS-C entry level camera at the time, but I loved it. I learned so much from shooting with that camera, I always carried it with me wherever I went.

Self Portrait, 2019

About 2 years after starting with the 1000D, I was again on holiday, this time in Albany, WA. I went into one of the local shops to look at a new lens, and walked out with a new Canon 550D instead! During my time with this camera, I was one of the photographers for the Perth Falcons car club, often attending show and shine events, track days and car meets. I also began participating in several photography groups around Perth. Sadly, the 500D met an untimely end, as I happened to drop it down some limestone stairs. At least it was a good time to upgrade to the 70D, and after that, came my first full frame camera, the Canon 6D.

As we all know, though, there are times when life has other plans. My wife and I were needing to get medical assistance in order for us to have our first child. I sold my Canon gear off to go towards the costs of the fertility clinic. Photography is important to me, but nothing is more important than family. Besides, things can always be replaced.

So, I saved up once again, and transitioned to Nikon. I picked up an ex demo D7100 with a couple of lenses and was once again in love with photography. I had missed it, and now I had a baby on the way, I needed to practice for the inevitable thousands of kid photos that would follow. Just outside of warranty, however, the camera died. I picked up a second hand D7100, however that too failed after a few months. I picked up a Panasonic FZ1000 bridge camera for a while, until I could work out what I wanted to do.

Sell everything. The Nikon gear, the Panasonic. Sell the lot. Enter, Fujifilm! What an amazing experience it was changing over to the X-T20. I loved it. The film simulations, the lightweight kit, not to mention the image quality! Plus, now I have two beautiful kids I can use as my semi-willing models. I was so impressed with the X-T20, I sold it. To purchase an X-T3! This was an absolute game changer for me. I started entering, and placing, in more competitions than ever before. The camera had faster auto-focus, higher buffer rates, time-lapse ability and an astounding range of video options. I hadn’t been much into videography until this point, but I felt the urge to learn more.

Since the X-T3, I did shift to Sony for a while. I had an A7RIII, and whilst it was a phenomenal camera, ultimately, I’ve returned to Fujifilm. I’m happy to be here!

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